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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

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Superlørdag på Kon-Tiki Museet lørdag den 17. desember

To mark the 50th anniversary of the release of The Shadows’ single “Kon-Tiki”, as well as the 60th anniversary for the Academy Award™-winning Kon-Tiki film, Jansen Plateproduksjon and The Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo asked Peter Berry & The Shake Set to record a tribute.

And here it is! A faithful interpretation of The Shadows’ classic hit, as well as three other handpicked instrumentals, of different mood and character.

This is an exclusive, limited edition souvenir, only available in the museum shop at The Kon-Tiki Museum at Bygdøy, Oslo.

Kl. 12.00: Innledene foredrag "Thor Heyerdahl - Kon-Tiki and the Value of an Oscar" ved markedssjef Halfdan Tangen jr
kl. 12.20: Visning av den originale Kon-Tiki filmen, engelsk, varighet 67 minutter
kl. 13.30: Omvisning på Kon-Tiki Museet
Kl 14.00: Konsert med Peter Berry & The Shake Set