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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

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Aku-Aku 1955-56

In 1955 Thor Heyerdahl chartered M/S Bjelland, a Greenland trawler, and brought five archaeologists along a nine months voyage in the Pacific, called the Norwegian Archaeological Expedition to Easter Island and the East Pacific.

The main goal for the expedition ship was the lonely Easter Island in the far south-eastern corner of Polynesia, where they spent five months. The expedition also made investigation on Pitcairn, Raivavae, Rapa Iti, Nuku Hiva, and Hiva Oa.

The collection of Kodak slides from this expedition document the archaeological investigations done, but they also are important testimonies of island cultures on the verge of modernization and globalization. In the case of Easter Island these processes were sped up by the huge popularity of the expedition book and film, entitled Aku-Aku.