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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Thor Heyerdahl at 100 - menu competition

Create a starter, main course or dessert inspired by Thor Heyerdahl's life and world famous expeditions: Kon-Tiki across the Pacific Ocean from Peru to French Polynesia, Ra across the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to Barbados, or Tigris in the Indian Ocean. Send in your recipe and list of ingredients with an explanation of why you chose precisely this dish for the Thor Heyerdahl at 100 menu. You can enter one dish or all three dishes on the menu. You can also submit photos of your dish(es).

The competition is open to everyone. Read more about the menu competition.

Below see the famous norwegian food writer Andreas Viestad about the competition

The original Kon-Tiki movie is screened at The Kon-Tiki Museum
Every day at 12.00. 67 minutes - english version

The Kon-Tiki exhibition is upgradet and contain more inforamtion and much more photoes from the voyage accross the Pacific in 1947

Dott. Alessandro De Maddalena, researcher, author, photographer, and illustrator, is one of the major shark experts in the world. He hosts expeditions / courses in shark biology operated by Apex Shark Expeditions in Simon's Town, South Africa. He's the author of 19 books, approx. 40 research reports, and approx. 80 articles in popular magazines, that have appeared in 17 Nations

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