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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Exhibition from 12 February 2011: Kon-Tiki Oscar 1951 – 2011 - The value of an Oscar!
This year it will be 60 years since Thor Heyerdahl won the Oscar for best documentary for the film of the Kon-Tiki expedition. The film was the catalyst behind Thor Heyerdahl's worldwide fame.

Thanks to the film, the book about the expedition became a bestseller around the world. It has been translated in 70 languages and millions of copies have been sold. This gave Thor Heyerdahl the chance to carry out new expeditions and he was always accompanied by a film camera.
In this exhibition the Kon-Tiki Museum wants to show how important film was in making and keeping Thor Heyerdahl world famous.

The exhibition also shows how an Oscar in 1951 provided the foundation for a totally new pop culture involving music, restaurants and fashion. Tiki pop culture! And the Kon-Tiki story continues. A new feature film is now on the horizon with one of the biggest budgets in Norwegian history. It will be directed by the people behind Max Manus and produced by Aage Aaberge and Jeremy Thomas.

Bygdøynes Day, Sunday 30 May 2010

True to tradition the three museums on Bygdøynes will be ready for the summer season at the end of May. A number of activities will be arranged on this Sunday both inside and outside the Fram Museum, the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Kon-Tiki Museum.

These are just some of the things happening at the Kon-Tiki Museum:

Ra II 1970 - 2010
Do not forget to take in the newly opened exhibition about Thor Heyerdahl's global environmental work!
More about the Ra II 1970 - 2010 exhibition above!

Cool 60s music at the Kon-Tiki Museum

Peter Berry & The Shake Set, Norway's best Merseybeat band (left), will be playing outside the Kon-Tiki Museum

Listen to Peter Berry & The Shake Set playing in front of The Kon-Tiki Museum at 12.00 and 13.30

The Swedish band The Archer inside the Kon-Tiki Museum at 12.30 and 14.00!

Chefs Erling and Tom-Victor will be here!

Flavours is Norway's leading chef collective and the main supplier of food to the Kon-Tiki Museum. The best known of them are Erling Stenersen Sundal ("Taste of Norway" on TV2) and Tom-Victor Gausdal ("Master Chef" on TV3).

From 12:00-13:00 both Erling Stenersen Sundal (left) and Tom-Victor Gausdal (small photo) will be manning the barbecue! It will be delicious!

Tasty barbecued fish and shellfish at un-Norwegian prices!
The fruits of the sea will be on the barbecue outside the museum from 12:00 onwards. A lunch plate will cost only NOK 50, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Kon-Tiki Restaurant at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Provided by SSP. (Select Service Partner)

Meet Geir Børresen and Whale Shark Tom!

Multi-talented Geir Børresen will present an illustrated adventure based on the book Whale Shark Tom.

Starts 13:00 in the museum's auditorium.

The museum's mascot, Whale Shark Tom, will be there too!

Kurt is coming!

Ove Heiborg (left) is an important driving force behind Qvisten Animation. Qvisten made well-known animated films such as "Kaptein Sabeltann, "Kurt blir Grusom", "Pelle Politibil" and "Knerten". You can learn more about animation from Ove and the people from Qvisten on 30 May at the Kon-Tiki Museum. There will be activities for the very youngest as well!

Ove is afraid Kurt will turn gruesome again, which is why he thinks it's a good idea for Kurt to visit the Kon-Tiki Museum that Sunday. Here he'll have a chance to relax with the museum's mascot Whale Shark Tom.
Great photos of you and your favourite mascot - absolutely free

Qvisten will be bringing their own photographer who can take pictures of you together with Kurt, Whale Shark Tom or the Waikiki hula dancers. The photos will be published on the web within a couple of days, and you'll be able to download them - totally free of charge!

Competitions for kids and teenagers in partnership with TV2!

Who will win TV2 School and the Kon-Tiki Museum's Challenge 2010 competition?

Loads of entries to the competition in which kids had to produce a news report have been received from your district. Children from nearly all over Norway have entered! The prize is NOK 10,000 and a chance to make a news report for TV2 news programme.

Tell us what you think of the five finalists. Click the photo at the bottom left!

News anchor Nils Gunnar Lie of TV2 will hopefully present the prize on 30 May together with the Kon-Tiki Museum's friend, explorer and stunt reporter Alex Rosén. Not only that but together with Qvisten Animation and the Kon-Tiki Museum they will be announcing a new kids competition!

Travel in the wake of Thor Heyerdahl to South America and Easter Island!

Danish travel agency ALBATROS is opening a branch in Norway. You will be able to meet representatives of ALBATROS at the Kon-Tiki Museum on the day. Click the photo below to see photos from one of their new tours to Easter Island and South-America!

Active in Oslo is here!

The website www.aktivioslo.no will, as before, be here with activities and other fun stuff to do.

Hula dancing!

You can catch Waikiki at the Kon-Tiki Museum! Perhaps you will learn a few steps from her as well.

Bygdøynes Day is the day the three museums on Bygdøynes arrange outdoor and indoor activities for visitors of all ages! You can find out more about what will be happening at the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Fram Museum that day below:

One maritime experience after the other at the Norwegian Maritime Museum!

Among the exhibitions on offer at the Norwegian Maritime Museum will be a newly opened, completely new, building project, a chance to take the "RO button" and pirate hunting, radio controlled boats, and much more in the museum. Click the photo on the left to read more.

The Fram Museum is offering:

Two free guided tours at 10:30 and 12:30 of the Fram Museum.

A screening every hour of the newly restored South Pole film from 1912 with previously unseen footage. Special prices on DVDs with extra material in the Fram Shop.

Getting to the Kon-Tiki Museum and Bygdøynes

Take the Bygdøy ferry to Bygdøynes on 30 May. Click the picture for ferry times!

- or bus no. 30, which runs every 10 minutes from the city centre.

If you are travelling by car, there are good parking facilities and we have a tip we want to share with you to save you money. Read more


The Kon-Tiki Museum's opening hours on 30 May. 10:00 - 17:00