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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Plastiki -New expedition in the wake of Thor Heyerdahl`s Kon-Tiki expedition

The Plastiki will be drawing attention to the health of our oceans, and in particular the large amounts of plastic debris, by showcasing waste as a resource and demonstrating real world solutions through the design and construction of the Plastiki.

"Just in time for World Water Day (today) - 22 March and after nearly four years of development, eco-adventurer David de Rothschild has launched his most ambitious expedition yet. The Plastiki, an innovative catamaran made from 12,000 post-consumer plastic bottles, set sail on Saturday 20 March for a 100-day voyage from San Francisco to Sydney. Their mission is to witness some of the most devastating waste accumulation on our planet, including the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch. According to his twitter feed, David and the crew had eggs for breakfast on their first morning at sea. " - National Geographic"

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Olav Heyerdahl, grandson of the famous Kon-Tiki Man Thor Heyerdahl is taking part in the expedition as a crew member. Olav Heyerdahl crossed The Pacific Ocean with Tangaroa in 2006, a larger but similar balsa raft as The Kon-Tiki from 1947. Olav is also hired by The Kon-Tiki Museum to do experiments and promotion. Olav and the Plastiki expedition will be a part of an upcoming exhibit at The Kon-Tiki Museum this spring. The main theme of The exhibition called Ra II – 40 years 1970-2010 is Thor Heyerdahl`s important work against pollution.

The Plastiki set sail 22 March 2010. Follow Plastiki here

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