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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki Challenge 2009

For you between 12 - 18 years
Prizes up to NOK 20.000

Challenge 2009 is a competition for young people aged 12-18 years old.
The competition aims to encourage the interest of the individual entrants and wider interest through the presentation of their entries.

This year's challenge is about local environmental initiatives.

Make a documentary, max. 5 minutes long, about young people in your neighbourhood who have done something good for the environment in the last year. This could be, for example, an anti-littering campaign, protesting about environmental pollution, preventive environmental measures such as cycling instead of driving a moped, or an invention that is good for the environment.

The jury is looking for creativity and innovative activities, in both the environmental initiative being filmed and in the documentary itself.

Entries may be used in Gyldendal's educational programmes and the Kon-Tiki Museum's own educational activities. The entries can allso be used at The Kon-Tiki Museum homepage and for Youtube without any permission from the producer of the film.

The jury will reward both parts of the winning entry – the documentary and the environmental initiative itself – with NOK 10,000 each. You can of course take part on both sides of the camera!


25 May 2008 – 25 May 2009

Deadline for entries: 1 May 2009

Entries must be produced and submitted on a DVD together with a short note about the entrants and what the entry is about.

Send entries to: The Kon-Tiki Museum – "Challenge 2009"

Bygdøynesveien 36, 0286 Oslo

Click on this link to see what National Geograpics write about the competition


2008 competition

The Thor Heyerdahl Institute

Competition for young people aged 12 – 20 years old.

How have the indigenous people in your country contributed to the society we live in today? How do you think the indigenous people's culture can make a positive contribution to the society we will live in in the future?

Indigenous people – do they need us?

Taking the above question as your starting point produce a presentation: a film, photomontage, computer game, play (must be filmed), drawing, painting or illustrated essay, or use some other medium that can be presented visually. Max 10 minutes.

Thor Heyerdahl was very interested in talking to people from different cultures to learn about their history and to pass on this knowledge to new generations. One of the important reasons why he was so successful at gaining enormous attention around the world was his ability to communicate via film, pictures, lectures, articles and books.

We want you, alone or with friends, to produce a presentation that can be presented to a larger audience. Your entry should be in the most suitable format. Entries should be accompanied by a brief written summary about what they are about. You can submit your entry either by email, post or on a CD/DVD to the Kon-Tiki Museum, Bygdøynesveien 36, 0286 Oslo or via email to: h.tangen@kon-tiki.no. Entries should be marked Thor Heyerdahl Competition 2008.


25 May – 6 October 2008 (Thor Heyerdahl's birthday)

Who can enter: 12-20 years old – Norwegian and English speakers.

Entries must be either in Norwegian or English


The 10 best entries will share a prize pot of NOK 25,000 in total.

Entries become the property of the Thor Heyerdahl Institute and entrants waive their right to further compensation for the subsequent use of their entry.

1st prize: NOK 25,000

Take the challenge!

Last years competition :

Understand another culture!”

Dare to encounter a culture you do not understand, which appears strange to you or you do not like.

This year’s competition challenges you to get to know an unknown culture and then present this culture to others. You are free to present in it in any way you think is best. You could for example produce a video, series of photos, a newspaper article, a radio programme or a song, or use any other method you think appropriate. Contestants must also describe their impressions of the culture before they get to know it.

What is an unknown culture? It could, for example, be the case that you do not understand people who join football supporter clubs and stand and shout at football matches? Join a supporter club like this, try and experience the same things as the other members, and then tell us about it.

Perhaps there is a new boy in your class who is from a culture that is strange to you? What is it really like being a member of a motorcycle club? What makes anyone spend all of his or her leisure time on ballet? Or role-playing? Or bingo? Investigate, try to understand and present it in the way you want.

1st prize: NOK 25,000. (Shares in Skagen Kon-Tiki or cash)
2nd prize: books worth NOK 10,000 from Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

Deadline 31st March 2008 | Send by post to:
The Kon-Tiki Museum
Bygdøynesveien 36
0286 Oslo

Entry deadline: 31.03.08.

If very few attend the program komite feel free to change the entry deadline or cancel the competition.

Thor Heyerdahl spent his whole life working to increase understanding between cultures. He was strongly committed to bridge building between nations and peoples of different races, religions and political beliefs. On several of his expeditions his put together crews consisting of people from different cultures to prove that people from different nations can work together even under stressful and difficult conditions. He also showed with his expeditions that different cultures on completely different sides of the world have been in contact and coexisted peacefully for thousands of years.

Finding artefacts and carrying out experiments were never enough for Thor Heyerdahl. It was just as important for him to communicate these. He utilised different communications channels such as TV, film and books with great effect. Among the prizes he won was Norway’s first Oscar for his film ‘Kon-Tiki’ in 1951.

Good luck!!!