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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

"Treasures of the Sea" - New sales exhibition by Noam Kortler at The Kon-Tiki Museum February 2009

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Here are some more examples

."Colourful business, by Noam Kortler"

This photo got the prize in the BBC wild life photographer of the year 2008.
In the underwater world category as "highly commended".

The remarkable images include flocks of birds twisting into exotic shapes, brightly-coloured tropical fish and bats in mid-flight. Fish that cruise past the Moses Rock, off the coast of Eilat, Israel, get a quick clean - whether they want one or not. "A little cleaner fish will dart out and pick off a couple of parasites," says Kortler.

Most big reef fish, though, make a point of turning up at the cleaning station for a daily grooming session, which can last several minutes. The cleaner fish advertises its identity and its services with its black-striped livery and a special jerky swim.

Here, a dazzlingly colourful bullethead parrotfish holds its mouth open so a cleaner can peck inside for titbits. Queues can form as reef fish wait their turn.

See Noam Kortler with Geir Børresen in the exhibition "Treasure of the Sea" at the Kon-Tiki Museum.

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