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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - in finnish

Thor Heyerdahl menykonkurranse med matskribent Andreas Viestad
Nå har Kon-Tiki Museet i samarbeid med matskribent Andreas Viestad gleden av å slippe den kulinariske fantasien løs hos store og små.
Vi ønsker at du skal være med å lage selve bursdagsmenyen til 100 års dagen til Thor Heyerdahl 6 oktober. Og de som vinner - ja de får selvsagt en eventyrlig premie. Mer om meny konkurransen
Thor Heyerdahl at 100 years menu competition by food writer Andreas Viestad Create a starter, main course or dessert inspired by Thor Heyerdahl's life and world famous expeditions: Kon-Tiki across the Pacific Ocean from Peru to French Polynesia, Ra across the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to Barbados, or Tigris in the Indian Ocean. Send in your recipe and list of ingredients with an explanation of why you chose precisely this dish for the Thor Heyerdahl at 100 menu. You can enter one dish or all three dishes on the menu. You can also submit photos of your dish(es).
Read more about Thor Heyerdahl at 100 years menu competition
Thor Heyerdahl 1914 - 2014
In 2014 Thor Heyerdahl would have been 100 years. The Kon-Tiki Museum celebrate this by new exhibitions and events. In addition the museum operate two traveling exhibitions. One in Norway and one abroad. The exhibition in Norway starteted at Galleri Svalbard by a lecture by Ragnar Kvam jr and Halfdan Tangen jr. In the movie below you can follow the start of the lecture.
The restoration of Kon-Tiki
Comprehensive work to restore the Kon-Tiki raft began in February 2013. The ropes lashing the nine main balsa-logs to each other had almost disintegrated and needed to be replaced. The work was conducted by Olav Heyerdahl, grandson of Thor Heyerdahl. The Kon-Tiki Museum are greatful that this project received support from Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, a charitable foundation.

The first video is a 8 minute long documentary showing the entire restoration process. For now it is without commentary.
The restoration of Kon-Tiki
The second video is a time-lapse sequence of the restoration of Kon-Tiki at The Kon-Tiki Museum supported by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB .
Madani Ait Ouhanni was one of the crew member at the Ra expedition in 1970. In this 3 short film interviews below he tells about the expedition across the Atlantic Ocean. Interviewed by marketing manager Halfdan Tangen jr, The Kon-Tiki Museum in Casablanca 13 September 2013
In this first short video above Madani is telling how he became a crew member of this legendary expedition in 1970 accross the Atlantic Ocean on a reed boat.
Madani is telling the story about the monkey Safi who allso joined the voyage Ra II
The last of 3 short interviews by Madani. In this he is telling about his work onboard the Ra II
TV 8 med reportasje fra Kon-Tiki Museet og den nye Kon-Tiki utstillingen 30.juni 2013
Hans-Wilhelm Steinfeld intervjuet i Moskva av Halfdan Tangen jr, Kon-Tiki Museet 20. april 2013 om Thor Heyerdahls betydning i Russland før og nå
New presnetation video for the Kon-Tiki Museum made by Visit Oslo (Sept 2012)
Advertsing movie from The Kon-Tiki Museum
Film regissør Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, kjent fra filmen "Ta meg på for faen", så den originale Kon-Tiki filmen på Kon-Tiki Museet 12. august - Hør hva hun mener om filmen som vises hver dag på Kon-Tiki Museet og nå er i salg på DVD
Ny utstilling i Larvik fra 11. august - se film fra utstillingen
Klipp fra originalfilmen "Kon-Tiki" - møte med Hvalhaien fra 24 august 1947
Pascal HENNEBERT and Marine Faure from Caen Expo Congrès is inviting The Kon-Tiki Museum to take part in a great expo in Caen, France in September 2012
Thor Heyerdahl -Kon-Tiki and the Value of an Oscar-exhibition at Oslo Plaza Hotel 22.6 - 15.8. 2012
Michelle Alexandra singing "Se over Havet" from the musical Sound of Music -at The Kon-Tiki Museum, June 2012
Beat Tornados og Alex Rosèn med Kon-Tiki konkurranse - Kon-Tiki Museet 3. juni 2012
Beat Tornados og Alex Rosèn med Kon-Tiki konkurranse - Kon-Tiki Museet 3. juni 2012. Lang versjon uten tekstbox. Les mer om Kon-Tiki kortfilmkonkurransen 2012
Kon-Tiki meets the whaleshark. Short film clip from the original Kon-Tiki movie
Teaser for the original Kon-Tiki movie - The Kon-Tiki movie will be screened every day in December 2011 and every day in 2012 at 12.00 at The Kon-Tiki Museum
Film producer Markus Schleinzer comments on the original Kon-Tiki movie at Noordelijk Filmfestival i Leeuwarden Holland November 2011.
New exhibition at The Kon-Tiki Museum; "Easter Island, Myths, and Popular Culture", presented by curator Ian Conrich at The Kon-Tiki Museum 7. October 2011
The famous Russian film critic and Film Program Direcor Sergey Lavrentiev is talking in English about The original Kon-Tiki movie at The Norwegian International Film Festival, Haugesund 20. August 2011

Exhibit; Easter Island, Myth, and Popular Culture. Intervjue with the Curator Ian Cormich. The exhibit iwas presented at Captein Cook Birthplace Museum and from 6. October at The Kon-Tiki Museum.

Intervjue with Peter Skavlan (script) and Aage Aaberge (producer) - new Kon-Tiki Movie at The Kon-Tiki Museum 5.5 2011

Professor Anatoly Zagorodny, Kaliningrad State Tehnical University worked with Thor Heyerdahl to build Tigris. Film from Jan. 2011
Thor Heyerdahl jr present The Kon-Tiki Museum, 2009

Original Kon-Tiki color film from 1947. Duration 2,46

Kon-Tiki films in Russian

Previous and other films from The Kon-Tiki Museum