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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Nordisk Film and the Kon-Tiki Museum have signed a cooperation agreement regarding the production of a new feature film based on Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon-Tiki expedition.
The film’s Nordic premiere had its premiere 24. August 2012 and has sold close to 900 000 tickets in Norway.

The Kon-Tiki movie is sold to 50 countries (Not every country for cinema. Some for TV o\r DVD(20 Nov 2012) :
(TBC - means To be confirmed)

USA The Weinstein Company TBC
Canada The Weinstein Company TBC


UK/Eire The Weinstein Company TBC
Germany DCM 1st Mar '13
Spain A Contrecorriente TBC
France TBC TBC
Italy The Weinstein Company TBC


Austria DCM 1st Mar '13
Belgium Imagine TBC
Bulgaria TBC TBC
Baltic States Luxor TBC
CIS Luxor 28th Feb '13
Czech Republic Bonton TBC
Ex - Yugoslavia Discovery TBC
Denmark Nordisk TBC
Finland Nordisk TBC
Greece TBC TBC
Hungary Pro Rom TBC
Iceland Nordisk TBC
Netherlands Imagine TBC
Norway Nordisk 26th Aug '12
Poland Gutek May/June '13
Portugal TBC TBC
Romania TBC TBC
Sweden Nordisk TBC
Switzerland TBC TBC
Turkey Associated Euromedia TBC


Hong Kong TBC TBC
Indonesia TBC TBC
Japan Broadmedia TBC
Malaysia TBC TBC
Philippines TBC TBC
South Korea TBC TBC
Singapore TBC TBC
Taiwan Catchplay TBC
Thailand TBC TBC


Australia Transmission 11th Apr '13
New Zealand Transmission TBC
Israel TBC TBC
Middle East Front Row TBC
South Africa TBC TBC
Mexico Gussi TBC

Trailer new Kon-Tiki movie (20.12. 2011)

The film
In 1947, a war-weary world became fascinated by a young, Norwegian man called Thor Heyerdahl. He had developed a revolutionary theory that suggested Polynesia had been populated from South America, which directly contrasted with the established scientific theory about migration from Asia. To prove his theory, he did something previously unheard of. He decided to test his theory in practice - and set out on an epic, danger-filled expedition across the Pacific Ocean. He named the primitive balsa raft on which he would cross almost 8,000 kilometres of ocean 'Kon-Tiki' after the sun god. Thor Heyerdahl was accompanied by five young men; none of them knew each other from before, and only one of them could sail. As for himself, he had a fear of water and could not swim. Thor was willing to sacrifice everything and everyone to prove he was right.

"Kon-Tiki" is a dramatisation of these real events. It is a personal story, with half the globe as its stage: Norway, Polynesia, the USA, Peru and the Pacific Ocean. "Kon-Tiki" is a story about choosing adventure, about daring to stand up for what you believe in, and just doing it when everyone else says it is impossible. It was an epic journey that changed the people who took part in it for ever.

The book about the Kon-Tiki expedition has been translated into more than 70 languages and has sold more than 50 million copies. The documentary about the expedition won an Oscar in 1951 and Thor Heyerdahl became the most famous Norwegian of modern times.

The original Kon-Tiki film will be shown every day at the Kon-Tiki Museum at 12.00 am in 2012.

The cast
Thor Heyerdahl is played by Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen (Jeg reiser alene - 2011, Jernanger - 2009, Max Manus - 2008, deUSYNLIGE - 2008). Navigator Erik Hesselberg is played by Odd-Magnus Williamson (Hjelp, vi er i filmbransjen! - 2011, En helt vanlig dag på jobben - 2010, Reprise - 2006). The role of radio operator Knut Haugland is played by Tobias Santelmann (Stikk- 2011 (TV), Varg Veum – Skriften på veggen - 2010, Hvaler sesong 2 - 2010 (TV)). Thor's second in command Herman Watzinger is played by Anders Baasmo Christiansen (Vegas - 2009, Nord 2009, Arn – Tempelridderen - 2008, Buddy - 2003). Radio operator Torstein Raaby is played by Jakob Oftebro (Erobreren - 2011 (TV), Varg Veum – Svarte Får - 2011, Max Manus - 2008, Bare Bea - 2004) and Gustaf Skarsgård (The Way Back - 2010, Patrik 1,5 - 2008, Ondskan - 2003, Den Osynlige - 2002) plays the role of the onboard photographer, the Swedish ethnographer Bengt Danielsson. Thor Heyerdahl's first wife is played by Agnes Kittelsen (Dag - 2011 (TV), Sykt lykkelig – 2010, Max Manus – 2008).

The directors
Kon-Tiki is the third feature film by directing team and childhood friends Espen Sandberg and Joachim Rønning. The directing duo were well-known advertising film directors for many years. Their big breakthrough came with the hit film Max Manus, which attracted 1.2 million Norwegian cinema goers and thus became Norway's most watched film ever. Their first film, the English language Bandidas, was released onto the world market in 2006 and featured stars such as Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek. It was written and produced by legendary French director Luc Besson.

The producers
Aage Aaberge of Nordisk Film Production is the film's executive producer. Aaberge has produced/co-produced more than 20 films in the last 25 years. He is a veteran of Norwegian film production and also has international experience. Aaberge is producing Kon-Tiki together with Jeremy Thomas of Recorded Picture Company, one of Europe's leading producers. Thomas has produced films such as the Oscar winning The Last Emperor, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Crash, and The Brave. He was worked with directors like David Cronenberg, Bernardo Bertolucci, Johnny Depp, Stephen Frears, Wim Wenders and Terry Gilliam.

About Nordisk Film
Nordisk Film is a subsidiary of Egmont, and is Scandinavia's leading developer, producer and distributor of creative content within film, music and games. Nordisk Film owns the Scandinavian distribution rights for Sony PlayStation and owns cinemas in Norway and Denmark. Nordisk Film also supplies production and post-production facilities to a large number of Nordic film companies. Nordisk Film has previously co-produced and distributed Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy and been involved in major Nordic productions such as Max Manus, Snabba Cash, Antichrist and Hodejegerne.

Kon-Tiki will premiere on 24 August 2012 and is being produced with the support of the Norwegian Film Institute, Eurimages, Nordisk Film and TV Fond, the Swedish Film Institute, the Danish Film Institute and Film3. HanWay Films, via Jeremy Thomas, is responsible for international sales.

Kon-Tiki will be distributed by Nordisk Film Distribusjon AS.

Press contacts
Siw Skjervold, Nordisk Film Distribusjon AS (+47) 958 30 570 siw.skjervold@nordiskfilm.com
Anne Berentsen, Kulturmeglerne AS (+47) 995 24 438 anne.berentsen@kulturmeglerne.no
Halfdan Tangen Jnr., The Kon-Tiki Museum (+47) 473 75 260 h.tangen@kon-tiki.no