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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

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Photographic Collections

Between 1983 and 1989 most of the photographs and film material from Thor Heyerdahl’s expeditions were transferred to the museum. As mentioned above, in 1999 the museum acquired a large collection of photographs from Bengt Danielsson, consisting of mainly colour positives but also some material in earlier photographic techniques. Since 1985 the museum’s collection of photographs from their own research increased. This photographic archive was kept in metal cabinets located in the secondary document archive, with far from optimal temperatures and humidity. The photographic and film archive also contained some photographic and film material on nitrate-base which presents a challenge for storage and safety reasons.

The photographic collections at the museum today numbers more than 200.000 individual photographs, negatives, positives or digital images organized in three photographic collections: Thor Heyerdahl’s Collection; Bengt Danielsson’s Collection; and the KTM Research Collection.

These collections are currently being re-organised, they are stored in a cold-storage facility. The Kon-Tiki Museum has plans for digitalizing this vast photographic material and making it available to students, researchers, journalists, and local communities on-line.