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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

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Early Man and the Ocean 2010
- Social significant of Ocean Voyages

Excavation, documentation, reconstruction. The Barcode 6 boat as an archaeological experiment.

Jostein Gundersen(Project manager Barcode/NMM) and
Tori Falck
(Archaeological documentation/NMM)

During 2008-2009 13 boats and smaller ships were excavated in the harbour of old Oslo (The Barcode Project). The Norwegian Maritime Museum is now in the middle of extensive post-excavation work, documenting, conserving and not least interpreting the many aspects of the large scale find. One of the boats, the Barcode 6 (AD 1595), was chosen for a planned exhibition, and the need for a model of the boat became evident. The Maritime Museum also valued the idea of making a full scale reconstruction of the boat, and as result opened a boat building workshop during spring 2010. Combining the knowledge of a skilled boat builder and the documentation techniques of the archaeologists, a model in scale 1:5 is now finished. The model will work as the bases for the reconstruction and as guidance to how to present the original object in the future exhibition. The process has revealed many new aspects and curiosities of value for maritime archaeology in general, and boat technology in particular. Visit the workshop at the entrance of the Norwegian Maritime Museum (Båt-lab'en), were boat builder Lars Stålegård will present the model and his planned work. Also visit the blog at baatlaben.blogspot.com