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Early Man and the Ocean 2010
- Social significant of Ocean Voyages


Clay pipes from the Oslo harbour. Implications for European trade and culture contacts 1600-1750

Jørgen Johannessen. Archaeologist. Norwegian Maritime Museum

Tobacco and clay pipes were introduced to a large scale marked after the establishment of tobacco farming in Jamestown, Virginia in 1610. Low cost production, addictive nicotine and widespread distribution by means of ship technology contributed to tobacco and clay pipes all over the world within 100 years.

The archaeological record from the Oslo harbour area contributes to an economic understanding of Tobacco and clay pipes. Also, social impact from consuming tobacco and usage of clay pipes are discussed in relation to social behaviour and social standing.

Significant changes in Dutch and English clay pipe design ca 1700 also represents changes in a social sphere, from smoking spectacled as the macho adventurer of the 17th century towards a respectable gentleman image of the 18th century.