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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - in finnish

Log book Kon-Tiki

28.04. 1947

Kl. 14.00: The tug-boat Guardian Rio of the Peruvian Navy, with two officers and 33 men, arrived to tug us out from the yacht club in Callao.
As soon as Kon-Tiki was loose of pier, a great swell pulled her first out and then threw her with tremendes force, bow first against the wooden pier. The pier swayed while full of people, it crashed in wood and rope

Kl. 14.30: but Kon-Tiki`s bow withstood the accident. A launch took out to the tug-boat, Heyerdahl was alone on board while Watzinger remained ashore to wait for the other expeditionmembers some of which were on a trip to the highland.

Kl. 16.30: Alle expedition members arrived, and Guardian Rio towed us out of the harbor. Gerd Vold and several vistors were on board Kon-Tiki, and yachts and launches with spectators, journalists and movie-camera men followed us out. A cable was fastened in advance all around Kon-Tiki and 300` cable attached to this in the bow was pulled by the tug-boat. This cable slipped once but soon tied in place while the tug-boat waited.

Kl. 17.00: All visitors went back on board the yacht, which returned to Callao. There were short and irregular waves, light southerly wind.
On board Kon-Tiki remained only the expedition members, which are:
Thor Heyerdahl, leader
Herman Watzinger, technical leader,2nd command
Erik Bryn Hesselberg, navigator
Knut Magne Haugland, radio operator
Torstein Raaby, radio operator
Bengt Emmerik Danielsson, Steward
As a ships-pet a green parrot was presented to the crew at the time of departure.

Kl. 20.00: Night watch on:
Knut 20-22, Herman 22-24, Thor 24-02, Bengt 02-04, Erik 04-06, Thorstein 06-08.

Towing went on successfully with about 2 ½ miles an hour during night, 4 during daytime. Quiet night, passed light starboard at 01.30


The balsa raft Kon-Tiki was build in Callao, Peru. Read more about the Kon-Tiki expedition and its background.