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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - in finnish

This day - Thor Heyerdahl started writing the world
bestselling book "Kon-Tiki"

28/5 No flying-fishes in deck. Plankton-net out all night without even enough for a sample, only a highly interesting animal of 1 ½ inch length found in net and preserved. Nothing but a few coelenterates in plankt net all day. Small holes (1/4”) discovered near bottom of net as leftover after reparation of fishes bite. These repaired and net set out at sunset. A greater number of dolphin than usual has been observed round raft today, many jumping high up in air at great distances from raft. One tuna observed from must before bow.Herman completing heavy cable around raft for fastening sea-anchor in case of gale. Erik and Knut build diver’s basket for submerging near edge of raft, studying fish life protected from sharks and possible bites from dolphins. Torstein adds long bamboo rod to top of mast for better aerial.

17.30 Thor starts write book. Our new-combined safety bathtub and diver’s basket tested
out as it was put on starboard side. Knut entered with swimming glasses and went down.
He saw 4 big pilot-fishes and a dozen small, swimming between centre –boards, also number
of dolphins and one then green fish deeper down. He noticed how starboard centerboard was
sloping sideways and needed correction. He was so enthusiastic at colorful aquarium and light
effects that he was not to get to the surface except for breathing, until he suddenly jumped up as a frog.
A long “string” had embraced his chest, arms and loins burning like a nettle.
He got rid of the string and jumped onboard with rows of blisters.
We have seen no big-big jelly-fishes since outside the port if Callao,
and burning animal was not identified. Few frigate-birds the last days,
but a smaller bird appears around raft at night fluttering almost like a l
and bird, difficult to see. White tailed tropic bird seen single a few days now.

Thor Heyerdahl starts to write the Kon-Tiki book this day.
2. Nov 1948 the book is published in Norway. 1st. edition in 10.000 copies

In USA the book sold 20 millions copies the first decade

The Kon-Tiki book is translated to 70 languages.

The balsa raft Kon-Tiki was build in Callao, Peru. Read more about the Kon-Tiki expedition and its background.