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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - in finnish

A historical document, part of UNESCO`S memory of the world. For the first time partly published!

For the first time in history part of the Thor Heyerdahl`s original Kon-Tiki Log book from The Kon-Tiki expedition in 1947 is published.

Below you will find some of the extrodinary episodes from the expedition written by Thor Heyerdahl. Allso unique photoes and film clip.

It will be published same day 65 years after the expedition.

Log book page 1.
27.04 1947 KL. 11.30
At a cermony at Callao Yacht Club the balsa-raft is christened Kon-Tiki by the expedition secretary Miss Gerd Vold who broke a coco nut against its bow.

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Log book Kon-Tiki

28.04. 1947

Kl. 14.00: The tug-boat Guardian Rio of the Peruvian Navy, with two officers and 33 men, arrived to tug us out from the yacht club in Callao.
Log book Kon-Tiki

29.04. 1947

Towing went remarkably well: seas were fairly high, but no splashing reached deck or hut, only bow and stern logs.
9.30 Cable broke 20 yards in front of Kon-Tiki. Bengt , Erik and Thor went over to Guardian Rio in fairly rough seas using dingy with great ease. Rope connected again, while Kon-Tiki in heavy swells was smashed up under stern of Guardian Rio.
10.00 Towing continued, and successful radioschedule was established with radio telephone to Guardian Rio.
12.00 Towing ended in agreement with request by Kon-Tiki. Bengt, Erik and Thor went over to Guardian Rio in dingy and took farewell while obtaining the position 11” 43” s and 78” 10” w. Read more from 29.04 1947

Log book: 28. April -30/4 about various fishes

Log book 6.May Kon-Tiki`s meeting with whales

From the Log book: 11.5 1947:

Thor Heyerdahl and Knut Haugland was rowing the dinghy in the setting sun to film Kon-Tiki from afar. Suddenly the sea filled with life, tuna fishes, flying fishes, dolphins, “and a great flying-fish missed Knut’s face by a few inches while he smashed the little blue oar after a huge dolphin that bit at the oarblade as furious when he dipped it in the sea for rowing”.

Saturday 17. May 1947 .-The Norwegian National Day!

This is a snake macrel - and its first time in history to be seen alive. Read more from the kon-tiki log book

See allso the menue of the day from the food log and text from the log book.

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24. mai 1947 kl. 12.50; An insane episode of the most exiting story "Kon-Tiki". Awailable at 12.00 24 May 2012
Les hva nettavsien skriver i dag 24 mai 2012 om Kon-Tikis møte med Hvalhaien
28. April 1947. Thor Heyerdahl starts a prosess that millions of people will spend time on in the years to come.
31. May. The Kon-Tiki is doing well in high waves.
12. July. A dangerous boat trip

Episodes from the log book to come soon:

Unique photos and text from Thor Heyerdahl`s own logbook. Allso reports in www.nettavisen.no