PROGRAM: Across the Pacific

The 20th annual conference of the New Zealand Studies Association together with the Norwegian Maritime Museum

and the Kon-Tiki Museum, Oslo in association with the University of South Australia

Oslo, Norway

25 - 28 June 2014


Wednesday 25 June

12.00-12.30    Registration (NMM, Cinema)

12.30-12.50    Welcome (NMM, Cinema)

12.50-1.00      Conference opening


1.00-1.50        Keynote 1 (NMM, Cinema) – Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith (University of Waikato), “From Maoritanga to Matauranga:

                        Indigenous Knowledge Discourses”

                        Chair: Professor Khyla Russell (Otago Polytechnic)


1.50-2.00        Introduction (NMM, Cinema) – Wiremu Puke, and his work within

                        the National Maritime Museum as a carver using traditional stone tools


2.10-3.25        Session 1a (NMM, Røylen) – Polynesian Culture on Display

                        Chair: Marja van Tilburg (University of Groningen)

                        - Jennifer Wagelie (Indiana University Art Museum), “The Maori Collection at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution”

                        - Mandy Treagus (University of Adelaide), “Shigeyuki Kihara’s   ‘Culture for Sale’ and the History of Pacific Cultural Performance”

                        - Wiremu Puke (Hamilton), “Te Onetapu - The Sacred Soils of the Ancestors”


                        Session 1b (NMM, Triton) – The Antarctic

                        Chair: Paul Turnbull (University of Tasmania)

                        - Jan Erik Ringstad (The Whaling Museum, Sandefjord), “Whaling  and Exploration in the Antarctic”

                        - Arnfinn Muruvik Vonen (Language Council of Norway),

                        “Norwegian Place Names in Polar Areas”

                        - Katharina Ruckstuhl (University of Otago), “Antarctica and the Treaty of Waitangi”


                        Session 1c (Kon-Tiki) - Europeans in the Pacific

                        Chair: Glenda Keam (University of Canterbury)

                        - Kirsten Moana Thompson (Victoria University of Wellington), “Shellbacks and Cockroach Schooners:
                       Inter-Island Trading and the Cases of Carl Anderson and Ebbe Thomsen”

                        - Corinne David-Ives (University of Rennes 2), “Crossing Over to the Antipodes: André Siegfried in New Zealand; a Racialist Vision of  Social Progress”

                        - Hugo Bühren (Dortmund), “Odo Strewe (1910-1986): A German Life in New Zealand”


3.25-3.50        Tea break


3.50-5.30        Screening (NMM, Cinema): White Lies (Tuakiri Huna, 2013, Dana Rotberg, 96ms)

5.30-6.15        Post-screening conversation: Witi Ihimaera with Ian Conrich


8.30                 Reception Oslo City Hall




Thursday 26 June

9.00-9.50        Keynote 2 (NMM, Cinema) –Professor Helen Lee (LaTrobe

                        University), “Transnationally Tongan: Youth Perspectives”

                        Chair: Dr Mandy Treagus (University of Adelaide)


9.55-10.45      Session 2a (NMM, Røylen) - Maori Literature

                        Chair: Michaela Moura-Koçoğlu (Florida International University)           

                        - Anne Magnan-Park (Indiana University South Bend), “With My Linguistic Foodbasket: Translating Voice in Patricia Grace’s Short Stories”

                        - Valentina Napoli (University of Auckland), “From the Novella ‘Medicine Woman’, by Witi Ihimaera, to the Film White Lies/Tuakiri Huna, by Dana Rotberg”


                        Session 2b (NMM, Triton) - Pacific Voyaging I

                        Chair: Paul D’Arcy (Australian National University)

                        - Paul Tapsell (University of Otago), “Polynesian Expansion:

                        A Re-examination”

                        - Michał Sikorski (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw), “Polish Contributions to South Pacific Exploration”


                        Session 2c (Kon-Tiki) – Religions and Cults

                        Chair: Helen Lee (LaTrobe University)

                        - Marja van Tilburg (University of Groningen), “The Strained Relationship of the First Missionaries and the Tahitians Reconsidered”

                        - Sergei V. Rjabchikov (Krasnodar, Russia), “The Cult of the Sun in Polynesia”


10.45-11.05    Coffee break

11.05-11.55    Session 3a (NMM, Røylen) - Easter Island I

                        Chair: Grant McCall (University of Sydney)

                        - Marit Bakke (University of Bergen) and Reidar Solsvik (Kon-Tiki Museum), “Why Go Exploring – on Behalf of Self or Others?”

                        - Dominic Alessio (Richmond, the American International Unversityin London), “Easter Island and the Lost Continent of Mu”


                        Session 3b (NMM, Triton) - Pacific Voyaging II

                        Chair: Paul D’Arcy (Australian National University)

                        - Richard Feinberg (Kent State University), “Auto-Experimentation in

                        Taumako Seamanship and Navigation”

                        - Screening of extended extract from the film The Navigators –

                        Pathfinders of the Pacific, introduced by Sanford Low


                        Session 3c (Kon-Tiki) - Politics & Policies within the Pacific

                        Chair: Roy Smith (Nottingham Trent University)

                        - Joanna Siekiera (University of Wroclaw), “The European Policy Towards the Pacific Island States”

                        - Marcin Waldoch (University of Gdansk), “New Zealand as the World’s Laboratory? Globalisation, Cultural Diversification and the New Idea of Nation”


12.00-12.40    Keynote 3 (NMM, Cinema) – Dr Grant McCall (University of Sydney), “Taking ‘Rapa Nui’ out of Polynesia: Chile and Rapanui”

                        Chair: Dr Reidar Solsvik (Kon-Tiki Museum)


12.45-1.35      Keynote 4 (NMM, Cinema) - Professor Witi Ihimaera (University of

                        Auckland), “Te Moananui a Kiwa: The Original Ocean”

                        Chair: Dr Paola Della Valle (University of Turin)


1.35-2.45        Lunch


2.45-4.45        Boat trip


6.30pm            Conference dinner, Håndverkerstuene, at Rosenkrantzgt 7




Friday 27 June

9.30-10.20      Keynote 5(NMM, Cinema) – Dr Paul D’Arcy (Australian National University), “Putting the Sea Back in History: The Pacific Ocean in History and as History”

Chair: Professor Dominic Alessio (Richmond, the America International Unversity in London)


10.25-11.15    Keynote 6(NMM, Cinema) – Professor Bjorn L. Basberg (Norwegian  School of Economics), “Perspectives on the Economic History of the Antarctic Region”

                        Chair: Per Norseng (Norwegian Maritime Museum)


11.15-11.35    Coffee break


11.35-12.25    Session 4a (NMM, Røylen) – Easter Island II

                        Chair: Grant McCall (University of Sydney)

                        - Ian Conrich (University of South Australia), “Moai and Mirth: Easter

                        Island in Cartoons

                        - Jennie Wagner (University of South Australia), "Adventures on

                        Easter Island: Representations of Rapanui in Franco-Belgian bandes dessinées"


                        Session 4b (NMM, Triton) – Pacific Histories

                        Chair: Rognvald Leask (University of Strasbourg)

                        - Tom Brooking (University of Otago), “Surrounded by the Pacific  Ocean: The ‘Maritime Turn’ and the Writing of New Zealand History”

                        - Jatinder Mann (King’s College London), “The British World Duringthe First World War: Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the Pacific”


                        Session 4c (Kon-Tiki) – New Zealand and Scandinavia

                        Chair: Anne Magnan-Park (Indiana University South Bend)

                        - Michael Goldsmith (University of Waikato), “Antipodean Affinities or Alternative Anthropologies? New Zealand and Norwegian Debates on Cultural Identity”

                        - Gail Pittaway (Waikato Institute of Technology), “’The Saga Night  that Sends Dreams to our Earth’: Scandinavian Connections with New Zealand in Literature”


12.30-1.20      Keynote 7 (NMM, Cinema) – Professor Edvard Hviding (University of Bergen), “Living in the Ring of Fire: Glimpses of the Long Run of

                        Environmental Experience in the Pacific Islands”

                        Chair: Professor David Lowe (University of Waikato)


1.20-2.20        Lunch


2.20-3.55        Session 5a (NMM, Røylen) – E tu ki te waka o Tamarereti; The Sky is an Ocean (Special Pre-Constituted Panel) (NMM, Cinema)

                        Chair: Lyn Carter (University of Otago)

                        - Rangi Matamua (University of Waikato), “The Role of Traditional Maori Astronomy in a Modern World”

                        - Robert Hannah (University of Waikato), “Polynesian Astronomy and Navigation”

                        - Jackie Tuaupiki (University of Waikato), “The Regeneration of Maori Ocean Voyaging”

                        - Donna Campbell (University of Waikato), “Knowledge Recovery through Reconstruction of the RA: The Traditional Sail at the
                           British Museum/ the Art of Traditional Maori Sails”


                        Session 5b (NMM, Triton) – Screening New Zealand & the Pacific

                       Chair: Brian McDonnell (Massey University, Albany)

                        - Andrea Wright (Edge Hill University), “’I thought I was like you, but  I’m not’: Identity, Masculinity and Make-Believe in Taika Waititi’s Boy (2010)”

                        - Eva Rueschmann (Hampshire College), “Kiwi Gothic on the Small Screen: Jane Campion’s and Gerard Lee’s Miniseries Top of the Lake

                        - Laura Sedgwick (University of Essex), “Lost at Sea: Space and

                        Isolation in the Films Dead Calm (1989) and The Ferryman (2007)”

                        - Adam Crowther (Derby), “Pacific Blockbusters: The Films Rapa Nui (1994) and Kon-Tiki (2012)”


                        Session 5c (Kon-Tiki) - NZ Multiculturalism & Nationhood

                        Chair: Michael Goldsmith (University of Waikato)

                        - Rognvald Leask (University of Strasbourg), “Across the Pacific to

                        New Zealand: The Effects of Pacific Islander Migration – Adaptation, Intercultural Exchange and the Host Country’s Pacific Role”

                        - Paloma Fresno Calleja (University of the Ballearic Islands), “’From Overstayers to Staying Over’: Documenting the Pacific Experience in New Zealand”

                        - Donald Preston (Massey University, Wellington), “On the Pacific

                        Edge: New Zealand’s Cartographic Shorthand for Identity”


3.55-4.20        Tea break


4.20-5.10        Keynote 8 (NMM, Cinema) - Dr Roy Smith (Nottingham Trent University), “Waving, Possibly Drowning: Low-Lying Atoll States of the Pacific
                      Negotiating the Politics of Climate Change”

                        Chair: Associate Professor Ian Conrich (University of South Australia)


5.15-6.30        NZSA AGM (NMM, Cinema)



Saturday 28 June                                        

9.10-10.00      Keynote 9 (NMM, Cinema) – Professor Cluny Macpherson (Massey University, Albany), “Ringing the Changes:
                     Some Impacts of the Telecommunications Revolution in Pacific Villages”

                        Chair: Professor Kirsten Moana Thompson (Victoria University of Wellington)


10.05-10.55    Session 6a (NMM, Røylen) – Polynesian Literature

                        Chair: Nelly Gillet (University of Technology of Angoulême)

                        - Paola Della Valle (University of Turin), “The Strange Case of R. L.

                        Stevenson and Contemporary Pacific Writing”

                        - Michaela Moura-Koçoğlu (Florida International University), “Gender,

                        Patriarchy, and Violence: Indigenous Feminist Alternatives in Native Pacific Women’s Writing”


                        Session 6b (NMM, Triton) - Maori Culture and Identity

                        Chair: Robert Hannah (University of Waikato)

                        - Khyla Russell (Otago Polytechnic), “Ocean and Coastal Cultures: Kai Tahu Connections to Sea, Voyaging and Navigation”

                        - Lynette Carter (University of Otago), “Sense/ Cense[us] of Place: A Tribal Census of Kati Huirapa ki Puketeraki”


                        Session 6c (Kon-Tiki) – Pacific Settlements

                        Chair: Cluny Macpherson (Massey University, Albany)

                        - David Lowe (University of Waikato), “Dating Earliest Polynesian Settlement of Aotearoa/ New Zealand using Volcanic-Ash Deposits

                        together with Pollen and Archaeological Evidence”

                        - Warren Gumbley (University of Waikato), “Sweet Potato (Kumara)  Gardening by Pre-European Maori in the Waikato Region”


10.55-11.15    Coffee


11.15-12.05    Keynote 10 (NMM, Cinema) - Professor Paul Turnbull (University of

                        Tasmania), “Cook Knowing the Sea”

                        Chair: Associate Professor Martin Lodge (University of Waikato)


12.05-1.10      Lunch


1.10-2.00        Keynote 11 (NMM Cinema) - Thor Heyerdahl Jr. (Kon-Tiki Museum)

                        Chair: Reidar Solsvik (Kon-Tiki Museum), “Our Relationship with the

                        Sea: Winds, Currents, Voyages, Resources and Pollution”

2.00-2.30        Screening (NMM Cinema): Kon-Tiki (1950; excerpt)


2.30-2.50        Tea


2.50-4.05        Session 7a (NMM, Røylen) – Polynesian Identity in TV and Film

                        Chair: Eva Rueschmann (Hampshire College)

                        - Brian McDonnell (Massey University, Albany), “Harry: New Zealand’s First Polynesian TV Crime Series”

                        - Yifen Beus (Brigham Young University, Hawai’i), “Speaking of the Subject: The Minor and the Dwarf as De-Centering Agents in Pacific  Indigenous Cinema”


                        Session 7b (NMM, Triton) – New Zealand and Maori Music

                        Chair: Hilary Bracefield (Ulster)

                        - Martin Lodge (University of Waikato), “Intersections and the

                        Creation of Tradition in New Zealand Music”

                        - Glenda Keam (University of Canterbury), “Tradition, Legacy and

                        Silence: Nationalism’s Weight on Two Tall Figures”

                        - Tony Mitchell (University of Technology Sydney), “The Maori Teachings of Pakeha Rapper Maitreya”


                        Session 7c (Kon-Tiki) - Flying Across the Pacific

                        Chair: Dominic Alessio (Richmond, the American International Unversity in London)

                        - Augustine Meaher (Baltic Defence College), “’A Valuable Addition to the Dominion’s Limited Means of Communication’: Pan Am Crosses the South Pacific to New Zealand”

                        - Nelly Gillet (University of Technology of Angoulême), “Crossing(s) and Criss-Crossing in Fiona Kidman’s The Infinite Air


                        Session 7d (NMM Cinema) - Moana: The Rising of the Sea

                        Screening of the stage production Moana: The Rising of the Sea

                        (2013), introduced by Edvard Hviding (University of Bergen)


4.10-5.00        Keynote 12 (NMM Cinema) – Professor Dame Anne Salmond  (University of Auckland), “Whirlpools in Time: Exploring the Sea in New Zealand”

                        Chair: Professor Tom Brooking (University of Otago)