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Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

Kon-Tiki - short history

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Thor Heyerdahl’s Research Institute
Thor Heyerdahl’s Research Institute is the research and archives department of The Kon-Tiki Museum. The core is the library and document archives, but we also maintain the museum’s news clip archive, photography collections, archaeological collections, ethnographical collections, and collections of historical artefacts.

Currently the Thor Heyerdahl’s Research Institute focus its resources on its collections and archives. We plan to organise and digitise the photography collections during the next 2-3 years and making them available for the public as well as students, researchers and journalism on the web.

Research will focus on the collections already owned by the museum, in particular the many artefacts brought home from investigation on Easter Island, Rapa Iti, Raivavae and Hiva Oa and Nukuhiva in the northern Maquesas Islands.